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Privacy policy

The privacy of our customers is of paramount importance to us and we do everything to collect only the data that is really necessary for order processing and for reliably running our services. We make sure the data is protected using modern protection strategies. In this privacy policy, we describe what is collected and how it is used.
You can always contact us regarding your privacy and private data: support@gameblackmarket.com

Data collected when accessing this website
Data collected when accessing this website
Every time you use your web browser to access a website on the internet, it transmits some basic data. This includes, for example, your IP address, your operating system, browser language, browser type, and some more data. Also, we will know the time of access. Please refer to your Browser vendor to find more details about what data is being sent.
Every site access is automatically written to a log file and it can contain the information just described (this is the standard configuration for most webservers on the internet).

We transfer data to the following third-party services:
- Paypal, Nick, Email, Order ID and other order data for processing your payments
- Mylivechat support. The chat window at the bottom right of the screen. Your entire chat history will be saved, this is required to run our service since we use Mylivechat as one of the primary communication methods. We will also send your Nick and Email to identify you as our client within the service.

While using this website, we collect data on multiple occasions:
- When you chat in our Support Chat window, entire chat history will be saved
- If you create a new account we will save the data you provide
- If you edit your profile, we will update the data in our database

Data collected during the checkout process.
The data you enter on checkout is stored in our database. Currently, we store the following data: Email, Nickname, Skype, Discord, Char Name, Name, Surname, any data you specify in the "Additional information” field.
We DO NOT have access to your payment details (credit card etc.), all transactions and payment details are securely handled by Paypal.

Data collected after the checkout process.
The data you enter in the "Order details" form are stored in our database. This may include your Game Id, Server, Character Name, and other information.
The email address you provide when registering may be used to inform you about the progress of your order. It may also be used to send you your password, or for any cases where we are legally obliged to contact you.

We use cookies for technical reasons, for our website to operate properly. We also use third-party analytics services that set cookies with anonymous data that help us to measure website performance.

Other external infrastructure we use
For our own emails (those we send and receive manually), we use the Yandex services. We have activated all available security enhancements offered by Yandex.

Deletion of your Data
If you want us to delete your data please send an email to support@gameblackmarket.com We will then delete everything if there is nothing (e.g. invoicing laws) that requires us to keep the data.

Correction of your Data
If you want us to correct any collect data please send an email to.

Revocation of data processing
Every data processing which required an explicit user-agreement can be revoked at any time. To do that send a short email to support@gameblackmarket.com.

Updates to this privacy policy
There may be updates to this privacy policy in the future. You will be notified about them via push-notifications, emails.