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Guild Wars R15 Account

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Campaigns: All

Title: Legendary Hero (15)
Fame: 100,000

More info: here

Campaigns: All

Title: Legendary Hero (15)
Fame: 100,000

More info: here

Your character can display this title from rank 3 upwards.  You can activate the default emote for your rank by typing /fame or /rank. (To choose a lower-ranked emote, type /fame # or /rank #, where 1 = deer, 2 = wolf, 3 = tiger, 4 = phoenix, and 5 = dragon.)
 As noted in the introduction, the title can only be added to the Hall of Monuments after reaching rank 6.

 The phoenix and dragon emotes are stationary; the others follow your character as you move.
 Many players use this title as a measure of another players competency in HA and will only accept players who meet their criteria into their party.



Comment: I bought the HA bot and it worked perfectly. Really happy with it. I have no clue about programming or antything and they helped me install it properly with teamviewer. Thanks!

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