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Subscription for 3 months

Requirements for the bot:
- Windows 10 x64 - full version from the official microsoft website. If you download an assembly with stripped-down services, the bot may not work correctly.
- Guild Wars 2 x64

Bot CAN NOT be able to get to locations that require the passage of story.

What can a bot do?
- Travel to Unloked Way Points
- Teleport to Portal for Unlock next Area
- Get Experience

- Way Points
- Points of Interest
- Vistas
- Some Hero Point (Where you just need to grab)
- Some Mastery Points (Where you just need to grab)

How Unlock HoT and PoF fast?
If you want to unlock all locations quickly, you need to find a guild with guild halls.
HoT - Lost Precipice or Lost Precipice
PoF - Windswept Haven
EoD - Isle of Reflection

Possible get 80 lvl with this bot?
» Yes possible, but need access for all areas include PoT + PoF, you also need to use a Booster.

Will the bot be visible to other players?
» No, the bot teleports underground.

Will the bot fight and use skills?
» No.

Location Available:

Guild Gars 2 City HoT PoF TIS

Metrica Province
Caledon Forest
Wayfarer Foothills
Plains of Ashford
Kessex Hills
Brisban Wildlands
Snowden Drifts
Diessa Plateau
Gendarran Fields
Lornars Pass
Blazeridge Steppes
Herathi Hinterlands
Bloodtide Coast
Fields of Ruin
Dredgehaunts Cliffs
Timberline Falls
Iron Marches
Sparkfly Fen
Mount Maelstrom
Fireheart Rise
Frostgorge Sound
Straits of Devastation
Malchors Leap
Cursed Shore
The Silverwastes
Dry Top
Southsun Cove

Divinitys Reach
Rata Sum
The Glove
Black Citadel
Lions Arch

Verdant Brink
Auric Basin
Tangled Depths
Dragons Stand
Bloodstone Fen
Ember Bay
Bitterfrost Frontier
Lake Doric
Draconis Mons

Crystal Oasis
Desert Highlands
Elon Riverlands
The Desolation
Domain of Vabbi
Thunderhead Peaks
Jahai Bluffs
Domain of Istan
Domain of Kourna

Drizzlewood Coast
Bjora Marches
Grothmar Valley

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