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Kurzick Bot

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Updated 27.01.2020

The bot farming kurzick faction and little bit platinum

45-60 minutes to get the area done and ~ 11000 Kurzick points

Hard Mode in Faction!
House Zu Heltzer (Kurzick outpost)

You must be on a Kurzick guild to dump faction (donate function)

The bot can use cons and Summon Stones but you have to add items in inventory.

There is a possibility to choose where you want to spend the faction for donation or Ambers.

45-60 minutes to get the area done and ~ 11000 Kurzick points

2-5 platinum for run

Bot will sell evertyhing on the inventory except black and white dye, amber, chunks, ruby, saphyr also will sell when the 3 first bag are full. He store gold then sell If no place on storage, he sell gold after ident them.

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