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Underworld Full Run

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The Underworld is the realm of Grenth. Many years ago, the realm was ruled by Dhuum, a cruel and unjust god of death who was eventually overthrown and imprisoned. When the body dies, the spirit will often move on to the Mists, usually the Underworld - though there are cases where spirits end up elsewhere due to external forces. Here the spirits are judged by Grenth for their actions in life and sent to their final resting place. Recently, this realm has become invaded by demons allying themselves with Dhuum, terrorizing the souls of the dead and sending them to locations they do not belong. The Mad Realm is contained within the Underworld, and the Realm of Torment connects there via the Bone Pits. The Underworld is regarded as one of the hardest if not the hardest area in Guild Wars. As such is has been dubbed an unofficial (elite area). A full run of the area requires the completion of 10 difficult quests, many of which require defending certain NPCs, whose death will result in an instant wipe. After these quests the player is faced with Dhuum himself, making for a difficult and drawn out boss fight, which can put all invested time at risk. However with great risk comes great reward, as The Underworld is the primary place where Globs of Ectoplasm drop, the primary alternate currency in the game. As a result the area has become very popular with speed clearers, and with farmers of specific sections for ecto drops.

Full Run 1.5 - 2 Hour.

Statue in HoM.

You can afk.

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